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Still here, still alive :-)

@JasonPowell - That is excellent news! We also had very few problems last year, except for the OLR issues that were noted and resolved. I still have a list of suggestion open in the v3 thread, but like you, I'm happy to hear that at least the status quo will continue for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for getting a hold of Chris, and thanks for reporting back to us.

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Everything about RM software.

v3.0 talk

@Duke That's the issue, it wasn't working for us. It worked for a while and then stopped for no apparent reason. I outlined the entire problem in another thread. I know we were on a Macbook which some speculated was this issue. So it had stopped working, support had become non existent and we had no choice but to abandon it. Ironically enough we're now running Windows on the Macbook Pro with different software and it works perfectly.

@JasonPowell The software we're using now was written by a Canadian autocrosser with the Southern Alberta Solosport Club and is called MJ Timing. It's free but not open source.

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All things RM Live

Many problems with RM Live Results yesterday

Yeah, our day went off without a T+S hitch that was not operator- or environment-caused. Live results stayed up all day even through our crappy and sometimes uncooperative NetZero mobile dongle.

Good stuff!

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Everything hardware; timing hardware, networking gear, computers

Wireless results with a Macbook Pro?

In Ottawa, we bought a videotron data point for $200 and get a monthly plan for May and cancel it at the start of September.

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Be sure to search the forum before submitting :-)

Getting Annoying.....

In case you guys didn't see my post in the other threads...
Chris is still alive! Had a phone chat with him tonight. Here's the short version: His startup has consumed all his time, but he hasn't forgotten about axtime. Version 3 is about 1/2 done. There is a possibility he'd make the current version open source which would allow clubs to tweak things to their liking. LIVE CLOUD RESULTS will continue to work for many years as this service is set to auto-renew each year. IF we see the oddities with live results like last fall, I'll let Chris know and he'll restart the cloud services. He's hoping to give us all an update in the coming months about his plans for the software in 2018.
Personally, I'm happy with current version of the software (we had zero glitches in 2017) and I feel good about the 2018 season knowing the cloud results will continue to work :-)

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want

LOST OUR AUTOCROSS SITE - oh crap now what

Aaaaaaand, our local community college turned us down, despite the fact that 2 of their faculty - 1 of them the head of their automotive department - autocross with us regularly. In fact, the department head drives a '65 Valiant that the students built for autocross, and it has prominent college logos on it for great advertising. But NOPE.

Starting to feel like the kid who can't get a date for the prom.

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Got a question? Ask away!

Cone Counter '??' Station

Does ignoring the '??' and not selecting a station make any difference @chris? i.e. syncing penalties, etc.

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Blog posts from individual members

Training Docs

Our team really appreciated these! Thank you again!

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How to do stuff

Our Classing System

Hi @JasonPowell the start of April is when the focus switches from ice racing (we're in Canada =o) to autox so I will post any updates to our classing system as they come to light. If you have any specific questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.

To answer you regarding our highest car class - we stop at 'A' as our car counts at this time gives a good spread within our 3 classes - this essentially makes 'A' a free-for-all class, you can have infinite points... We wouldn't have enough A+25 cars to support it's own class.

However, to make things fair we have a 4th 'Modified' or 'Outlaw' category for cars such as an Ariel Atom or karts (or if some day if a McLaren P1 decides to show up, haha), that is up to the club's discretion, which are able to run at events but don't compete for season points.

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