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Still here, still alive :-)

Ditto all the above. Sad to hear about health issues, but glad you are getting back in the saddle.

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Everything about RM software.

v3.0 talk

@Chris, now that you're back in the saddle, is there a timeline for v3.0 release?


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Everything hardware; timing hardware, networking gear, computers

max farmtek distance?

I spoke to Mike Weds. He strongly recommended getting another yagi and attaching it to the polaris timer at T/S ... the catch is the other 2 yagis need to be within 10deg off the axis of the yagi at T/S. If I position the T/S trailer on midway between I should be able to make that happen and the distance would only be 700' to each.
Of course at 700 the omni and yagi's on the ends should also work. Will be a fun experiment :)

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Be sure to search the forum before submitting :-)

Mac OS USB port

This is why I keep running axtime on a dawg old Dell D830...onboard serial FTW! :-)

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want

LOST OUR AUTOCROSS SITE - oh crap now what

We are also constantly looking for new venues. We only have 1 at the moment and we might lose access to it in a year or two as there are some new developments being tentatively planned.

I found this list of resources, which looks helpful. I haven't contacted SCCA yet to view the actual files, so I don't really know.

Go to this page:
and look for this: "Site Acquisition Tools List"

Here is a direct link to the PDF:

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Got a question? Ask away!

Cone Counter '??' Station

Does ignoring the '??' and not selecting a station make any difference @chris? i.e. syncing penalties, etc.

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Blog posts from individual members

Training Docs

Our team really appreciated these! Thank you again!

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How to do stuff

Our Classing System

Last year, our club adopted an MCO based 'mod points' system and it was our most successful year yet!

We had the same concerns from our members that SCCA classing didn't suit our needs due to smaller club size and smaller lots. We get between 20-35 drivers per event and wanted something easy to use and understand..... Enter the MCO system!

Their system uses 5 pre-dertermined base classes - your car's SCCA Street class will determine what MCO base class you start in. Then from there, as you mod your vehicle, modification points are accrued. Every 15 points gets you bumped up a class.

What we did to modify the system for our club was:

We determined which SCCA Street classes would fall into 3 Thunder Bay Autosport Club base classes. We had to account for MCO having 5 classes. We felt our club numbers could support only 3 classes at this time. We crunched numbers and determined that a 3 class/25 point bump would keep the same ratio as MCO's 5 class/15 point bump. The number of points assigned to each mod on MCO's car classing sheet was kept relatively the same. With us having only 3 classes to advance through vs their 5, this allows our drivers extra room to mod their vehicle before being bumped up a class and stops you from reaching the top class (A class) too quickly. Finally, we determined which mods on MCO's classing work sheet were our system's deal breakers and gave the largest competitive advantage (tires & weigh reduction) and upped those points according to the same ratio as MCO (ie. assigning our full 25 mod points to sticky tires so this mod initiates an automatic jump and forces you up a class).

View our system here:

I recommend giving the MCO system a look, it's fun, fair, simple and new-user-friendly. If you have any questions, Naresh has been a great help while we figured our system out and of course I am also happy to answer any questions if able.

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