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email works again

I'm still not getting email notifications FWIW after making profile changes.

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Everything about RM software.

v3.0 talk

@Duke , when we have those we click on RRN (re-run) and those do not count towards final number of laps, nor get timed as their best lap.

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All things RM Live

Many problems with RM Live Results yesterday

New issue here:

On 20 August we had an event. Live results worked... OK, but not great. I was careful to make sure it was enabled, careful to recalculate the event, careful to force it to sync before the event started. But even though our USB mobile broadband dongle continued to report that it was up and connected - I could even watch small amounts of traffic up and down - RM Live results would stop updating every 20-30 minutes.

Forcing a resync via the resync button resulted in the "Successfully submitted" dialog box, but the live results wouldn't actually update until I unplugged and replugged the dongle, and reconnected it.

No port conflicts with the dongle and the timing gear, either - everything is assigned individual ports. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Everything hardware; timing hardware, networking gear, computers

Timing Trailer Equipment

Very cool. We are currently working on fund raising, design, and getting quotes of a new trailer and your ideas are very helpful.

Curious, is there a reason, you put the entire WAP outside instead of just an antenna? We were planning on using a normal wireless router, located inside the trailer. Its 3 antenna would be relocated outside via extension cables. Is there a reason we should not do this?

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Be sure to search the forum before submitting :-)

Leaderboard - add best time from two events

This is similar to how SCCA Nationals is scored, something like this would be a good addition.

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want

A tip for lights not tripping/false trips

These are the antennas I used. All were purchased directly from

Item #: RE905U-RSP 800-900 MHz 5 dBi Mag Mount Omni RP SMA Plug Connector $25.95

Item #: HG909YE-NF ANT, YAGI 824-960MHz $38.43

Item #: CA-RSPNMA004 CA,195 RP-SMA PLUG/N-MALE 4FT $17.00

I bought the omni with a 1m / 3ft cable, but it's too short. I would get the 2m / 6ft version.

I have 2 of the Yagis - 1 for the finish light and 1 for the scoreboard. The cable shown here is 4ft long and is used for the scoreboard because the antenna mounts directly to the scoreboard tripod. I bought the same cable in an 8ft or 10ft length to use with the finish light.

I also bought a cheap 6ft equipment tripod from Amazon to mount the yagi for the finish light. That was maybe $30.

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Got a question? Ask away!

Cone Counter '??' Station

Does ignoring the '??' and not selecting a station make any difference @chris? i.e. syncing penalties, etc.

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Blog posts from individual members

Training Docs

Our team really appreciated these! Thank you again!

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How to do stuff

Make FarmTek Driver Work On Windows 10

For everyone's reference:


Thank you for contacting us. We've been selling a Windows 10 compatible USB
to serial adapter for about four months now for the reasons detailed below.

The older cable and the drivers that are on our CD and website work fine
under Windows 10, however, Windows 10 periodically removes this working
driver and installs its own, non-working driver. Unfortunately, there is no
way to prevent Windows 10 from swapping out the driver since you can no
longer refuse software updates with Windows 10.

In other words, by forcing driver updates on the end user, Microsoft is
dictating the hardware devices you must buy to use with computers running
their software. Just as Microsoft wants, we have submitted to their
dominance and now sell a different USB cable that is compatible with the
driver that Windows 10 installs. The cable is US$15 plus shipping.

Alternatively, you can go to a local computer store, Best Buy, etc., and buy
a USB to Serial Adapter that is Windows 10 compatible.

Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Mike Douglas
FarmTek, Inc.

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